Welcome to JK Wellness Coaching

Has your work life taken over your WHOLE life? Have you lost track of that sense of overall well-being you once had? Or maybe you’re trying to find it for the first time? Are you looking for some balance? If so, I can help.

As a Wellness Coach, my job is to help you implement behavior changes in your everyday life to help you find that balance and whole body well-being. Everyone’s definition of wellness and well-being is different, changing even from one life stage to another. What I do is show you that you are the expert on YOU, and that you probably already have the knowledge you need to effect change, it’s a matter of putting everything into perspective.

By partnering with you to explore your life challenges, habits, and behaviors, together we can find patterns you might have missed on your own. Then, by showing you how easy and intuitive problem solving can be, I’ll help you set out a plan of action to address these issues and find your way to wellness.