Intro Time

New blog, new audience (fingers crossed…) – so it seemed appropriate to start off with a little background information. Hopefully, you checked out the About Me page and at least glanced at my first post. If not, go ahead, I’ll wait.

Good, now for that background, I’d like to briefly touch on 3 things today:  who the heck I am, what I’m doing here, and how I got here. Oh, and maybe a little on just where here is.

I’m Jesse. I’m a Personal Development & Wellness Coach in Seattle. Well, that’s currently relegated to the status of ‘side gig’ for the time being. The job that pays the bills is Operations Manager for a small IT service provider. I know, right? Does that count as irony? Or just annoying?

I’ve been in the IT support world for something like 16 years now, working my way up from customer service, through the ranks of support analyst, to team lead, and finally to management. However, at the same time, my interests outside of work have always strongly favored people over machines. My BA is in Anthropology. ‘Nuff said.

Through a series of discoveries about myself (to be chronicled in a post series down the road a bit), I have come to understand some important aspects of my personality. This ultimately culminated in my Graduate Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching and the founding of JK Wellness Coaching. I describe my coaching as Personal Development & Wellness because I discovered folks have similar stumbling blocks affecting multiple aspects of their lives – health issues, diet-style issues, coworker/boss troubles and even toxic interpersonal relationships. It mostly comes down to feeling stuck and not being able to see a way around the roadblock. My coaching consists of a lot of deep listening, then gently guiding folks through whatever is tripping them up and seeing their way clear to make the changes they need to make.

So, why am I starting a new blog? Well, I realized that trying to maintain 2 separate online identities was part of why neither one was flourishing. I’m not a fan of multitasking in any situation, it’s not something I recommend, so why was I doing it in my personal life? By combining everything under one heading, I get to talk about all the things that interest me and don’t need to remember where I said what or worry about repeating myself.

I’m also not a fan of, nor do I feel the need for, anonymity online. I don’t say things I’m ashamed of or worry about being attributed to me. In that vein, I’m going to try leaving comments open, only your first comment will be moderated. Please respect each other and hopefully, I’ll be able to leave it that way. I’d love to see a community be created here.

The rest of the ‘here’ stuff I mentioned wanting to touch on is Seattle. As in, that’s where I live and where I have lived, with limited stints in other locales, for 35+ years. Specifically, I live in a neighborhood called Ballard, which used to be a separate city back in the day. That is what led to one of the area’s main draws for me, walkability. My apartment is ⅓ of a mile from the library, grocery stores (yes, plural), great coffee/tea shops, restaurants, and useful shops (like my local bike shop and an outdoor reseller). If you read the Welcome page, you’ll know that urbanism and alternative transportation are high on my interest list, so my living in a neighborhood like this isn’t really surprising.

I’ll sign off with that, I like keeping most of my posts at just about the 600-word length. I find much longer and folks lose interest. If something I post is going to stretch much past that point, I’ll let you know in the opener. Thanks for joining me, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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