About Jesse

I love words.

Always have.

As a kid I was more comfortable talking with adults than my peers. By high school I was reading and writing at a post-college level, without meaning to. Throughout my time in IT I could always communicate anything, to anyone, in language they understood.

Now, I’ve segued into a more appropriate role for these skills, content writing. I bring with me 10+ years in various IT support roles, everything from phone support to team lead to IT Operations Manager. The connecting thread through it all is my ability to delight people with words. Whether it was a presentation on which laptops my company should be providing our software developers or the how-to guide I wrote for some in-house software used by realtors.

Once I added coaching to the mix, I knew I had found my path.

After working with a classmate on a book project detailing ways Wellness Coaching can be used in the corporate world to increase employee well-being and improve retention rates, my desire to write for a living was reawakened. The main thing I learned in my coach training was the importance of listening and the power given to the speaker when they feel truly heard. That’s what I bring to my content, no matter the subject matter. I’m the voice of your company, ensuring you get heard.

I write words, for blogs, email subscribers, product landing pages, pretty much wherever you need to tell a story about your brand. I’ll sit down with you or your team and discuss the goals for your content, and from what I hear there I’ll develop a marketing plan that moves toward those goals. Then I’ll provide the metrics that show our progress.

My specialties include emerging technology and B2B content. Alongside that, I can write on topics in the health and wellness realm, as well as anything related to outdoor activities as I have a lifelong love for all things outside. Kayaking in the San Juan Islands, hiking in the Cascades and biking just about everywhere is how I grew up, and how I stay grounded to this day.

I am from Seattle after all.

Clear, concise language, tailored specifically to resonate with your target audience, and turn them into followers. I can design packages for small businesses of any size, from a one person operation to a software startup of 75. From 1,000 word blog posts that engage your readers, to email marketing materials designed to convert those readers to happy customers. My job is to support your company in the eyes of your target audience.

Let’s talk.