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Aspects of Well-Being, Part 10 – The Finale

Self-experimentation. This entire series, when boiled down to its essence, revolves around the idea of self-experimenting. Yet this post is also the shortest entry. Self-experimentation is not as scary, or for that matter creepy, as it sounds. It’s simply how you figure out what works for you. I mean, this seems so intuitive doesn’t it? …

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Aspects of Well-Being, Part 1

The single most common question I get – by far – is “so what is wellness coaching?” And while I know I have a short definition up on the appropriately named “what is…” page, I want to go a little deeper. First a note about word choice: I’m fond of using the phrase ‘well-being’ rather …

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Satisficing. Yes, it’s a thing.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Or something along those lines. This is another quote I stumble over every once in awhile in my readings, and as you’ve come to expect with posts here that start with quotes – it resonates with me. It also reminds me of this one: “Often times people …

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Wellness Defined, part 3

Let’s jump back into the Wellness Defined series with a quick definition of the terms disease and illness. Then we’ll look at a different way of seeing health, wellness, disease, and illness. The shortest and most eloquent definition I’ve found for these terms goes as follows: “Illness is what a person feels on the way …

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Wellness Defined, part 2

Welcome back! In part 1 of Wellness Defined, we looked at the first definition of Wellness. In part two, we’ll be looking at the second part of that definition – with the intention of finding you a starting point for your journey to wellness. part 2 of our dictionary.com definition: Wellness: 2) an approach to …

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