Welcome to JesseKelber.com and JK Wellness Coaching!

Welcome to JesseKelber.com, my newly consolidated home on the internet!

Let me explain, I’m not exactly new to the internet/computer world, having worked in IT support for the better part of the last 2 decades. This site is my permanent home on the web, and since I refocused my energies on my coaching clients, this is where you’ll find all the information you could want on Wellness Coaching, me, my methods, and my practice, JK Wellness Coaching.

That said, I’m doing something a little different this time around in that I’m combining my presences. This site will serve as homepage and blog for me personally, as well as a homepage for my coaching practice. Since I’m combining presences, the blog entries will cover a wide range of topics. There will be posts on topics coaching clients have told me help them, and then there will be posts about other things that interest me and how they impact coaching, my clients, and their well-being.

An example of some of the ideas holding my interest right now (subject to change as I am constantly reading and often find myself distracted by shiny objects):

  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Personality – Intuition/Introversion/HSPs (Highly Sensitive People, of which I am one)
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Human Powered Transportation
  • Alternative Building Techniques (cob, strawbale, etc)
  • Conscious Community
  • Analog Technology (like pens and paper for example)
  • The Lifestyle Thou Shalt Not Call Paleo (that’ll make sense eventually, I promise)

As I mentioned above, along with that list of possible topics I’ll be talking a fair bit about coaching specific topics. A partial list of these subjects looks like this:

  • Just what does ‘Wellness’ mean, anyway?
  • Self-care breaks
  • Anger, and how to exist with it
  • Emotions, and how to exist with them
  • Willpower, what it is and what it isn’t
  • Toxic relationships and ways to avoid them
  • You are the expert on you

OK, I’m going to leave you with that, Don’t want to give away too much in the intro post, do I? For more information on me and what brought me to coaching, head over to the Who is… page. For more information on coaching as a whole, try the What is… page. And finally, when you’re ready to talk, use the schedule page to set up a complimentary 30 minute meet-and-greet, where we can get to know a little more about each other and decide if a coaching relationship can indeed help you work through the sticky points in your life.

Let’s talk.

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