Who is… Jesse Kelber?

So, what’s my story?

Jesse Kelber

Like you, I knew my well-being needed some work.

I didn’t feel good most of the time, I wasn’t performing in my job or life at a level that would lead to sustainable wellness, and I lacked energy and clarity in my thinking. I set out to research what to do and ended up on a multi-year journey of self-discovery, behavior change, and ultimately weight loss and improved overall well-being.

This journey was not conducted alone, I had the support and assistance of friends and family. What I didn’t have was someone dedicated to providing the external accountability I needed. Someone to act as a tour guide as I delved into my own life and experiences in an attempt to re-make my sense of well-being. This realization led me to the growing field of health & wellness coaching, and from there to earning my Graduate Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I have studied across topics that combine to make my coaching eclectic and effective, including, yet not limited to:

  • Nutrition
  • Kinesiology – how we use our bodies in the pursuit of wellness
  • Functional exercise – leading to a certification in personal training
  • Mindfulness
  • Human behavior – with a focus on habit formation and change

Most of my professional experience before coaching was in the customer-facing support side of IT. I fixed hardware and software issues, then taught people how to identify what the problem was and how to address it in the future. The same skill set that made me successful there makes me an effective coach.

By asking you questions and talking with you about your life, your goals, and what you’d like to change and/or accomplish, together we will find your definition of well-being. The combination of questions and deep listening to what you say forms the core of my coaching philosophy.

Unlike many “coaches” that have appeared in recent years, I am not selling you a system, or a product, or telling you what to do. I serve you and your wellness. I will speak with you, explore your options, makes suggestions, monitor what works and what doesn’t until you know you have reached the wellness level you seek.

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